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standing on the corner killing time in the sunshine
brown bag sierra yellow spirit and a pretty smile
not a care in the world the streets of la is my haven
Reign over my domain got my little wall of fame no playing
it lights a flame stop me going insane
Cause I’m still just a girl in the world tryna navigate this plane

Then here you come chucks jeans and blazer
i look away but low key beam you with my lazer
I’m keeping it cool i’m keeping it cool
I’m makin you work a little
you checking the vibe checking the vibe
see if I give a giggle
you lead with a good line charming innocent enough
deep down you can’t wait to see if I call you on your bluff
I can’t even blame ya, shit I would do the same
if I saw a thick honey chick with a wild ass mane
gotta clap for your bravery dap you for your energy
You fine as fuck so

i might just let take me
i might just let you taste me
i might just let you hold me
i might just let you mold me

So now you’re just there, just down the stairs
i text you my favourite songs you bump them loud and clear
is this taboo what we do me and you
or are we super cool breaking all the fucking rules
i’m knocking on the floor you take a broom to the celling
if you need some sugar theres no problem doorbell ringing
damn panama panama damn ya
why you make em so fine with so much damn stamina
i’m a mess i’m jello i’m plasticine play-doh
roll me up squeeze me push me through a tiny key hole
now its wonderland, and you’re mad like the hatter
i’m cheeky like the cheshire get your hands off my platter
shh everything fine stop your checking the time
all we do is enjoy and then press rewind
tiny muffins in the weeds
while the crowd gets keyed stick to my rocks n whiskey


from Hijack, released November 10, 2015
(C. Pope, H. Larochelle)
Produced by Christopher Pope, and David john
Mixed by Veit Renn at Renn Music Studios
Mastered by RD White at Twin Peaks Studios




Honey Larochelle Los Angeles, California

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