Clean Lust and Dirty Laundry

by Honey Larochelle

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Bobby Dawkins
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Bobby Dawkins either her style and approach is as varied as it is addictive and regfreshing, or this was a mixed album of all she'sdone. either way, she has made my list of stupendous female vocalists i i wish to marry right after sade and janet. i look forward to hearing more of her and if you need some actual travelling music, put this album on while staring outo f the window. when it's done, you'll wish for more of her and a longer journey. Favorite track: 2. Flight of the Honey Bee.
Getting Over the Hump
Getting Over the Hump thumbnail
Getting Over the Hump Totally love this work---bought this in 2011/2012 and it is still amazing! Favorite track: 5. Spontaneous.
Monique thumbnail
Monique A great debut by Honey Larochelle. It's hip-hop and jazzy in places with a touch of rock here and there. A standout track is flight of the honey bee. It has a good play on words, that has a sing-song lyricism about it. Makes me feel like I'm in a smoky cafe every time I listen to it. I'm waiting for more...when will we get more, Honey? Favorite track: 2. Flight of the Honey Bee.
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Vancouver born, Texas raised, Florida reformed, Brooklyn saved, Denmark adopted, Croatian loved, Miss Honey Larochelle has been making audiences around the world laugh, cry, and jump out of their seats. Fresh off another European tour, “The Urban Honeybee” has been buzzing in the studio crafting a kaleidoscope of music that spans adventures in love, sex, dance, intimacy, and honesty. “Clean Lust and Dirty Laundry” is a juicy exposé that showcases her crisp, soaring soprano gift and captures her dynamic songwriting and production skills.

Honey collaborated with an amazing line up of producers on “Clean Lust and Dirty Laundry:” Lions Share (Anthony Hamilton, Pharoahe Monch), Caviar (T.I), Danish Reggae producer, Pharfar (Beenie Man), and several up-and-coming geniuses. Her warm yet edgy mash-up of classic soul, hip-hop, and electro-pop is sure to make an impact on her listeners and on the industry itself. With the final touches blended and mixed by fellow Canadian Super-DJ Miss Erica Dee, you should bee excited.

Bee very excited.

Honey Larochelle, the “Urban Honeybee” with a modern day pin-up girl image, airs out her growth, transition, mistakes, and passions on a clothing line for the world to see. This is not your average mixtape built on other people’s beats or songs. The honey of this record is all-original ear candy.


released July 24, 2011

1. Just Rise Interlude (Larochelle) recorded by Saint
2. Flight of the Honey Bee (Larochelle, Singer) Produced by Jesse singer, cuts by IMAKEMADBEATS for Strangaz Productions
3. Just Rise Again Power Interlude
4. Gimme a Minute (Bilal, Larochelle, Rob, Altman) Produced by Z Musik for Humbled Soul Productions mixed by Tomek Miernowski
5. Spontaneous (Larochelle, Dickerson, Cross) Produced by Kannon "Caviar" Cross and Corey "oz" Simon for Secret Spealist prod/Kannon Ent. Mixed by Romel Veal.
6.Grain Of Salt (Larochelle, Singer) All Instruments, Produced and Mixed by Jesse Singer
7. Hold You for Life Feat. Wafande (Larochelle, Wafande) Produced and mixed by Pharfar for Food Palace Music DK, Stella Horns: Nichol Thomson - Trombone, Dom Glover - Trumpet, Jim Hunt - Sax, Guitar - Vicky Singh.
8. It’s a Go Feat. Erica Dee (Larochelle, Moe Money, Landsberg) produced by Skeez and mixed by Jazz E Cut at Biz Street Studio
9. Sugar Daddy (Larochelle, Rendbo, Fridell) All Instruments played and produced by Daniel Fridell and Mixed by DANgenear (Dan Amsden)
10. Super Dope Interlude (Larochelle) Produced by Jade from Pop Rocks Records
11.Keep My Cool (Larochelle, Thom) Produced and Mixed by Benjah Thom
12. LaLaLove (Larochelle, Nelson) All Instruments, Produced and Mixed by Winston Wentz Nelson
13. Fever Interlude cut by Erica Dee
Mastered by IMAKEMADBEATS for Strangaz Productions
Songs blended by DJ Erica Dee



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Honey Larochelle Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Just Rise Intro
Eliminate any energy less than elevating, you feel it escalating, innovating, procreating vibes, just rise, rise, just rise.
Track Name: 2. Flight of the Honey Bee
Hey, I deserve, I deserve more, better, different, different, yeah.
Here I am alone again, so happy all alone
So tired of waiting here for love
Not just creating where I was,

I was happy making you happy
You were afraid of commiting your time and energy to me
And only me

You’ve given the message it took me while to get it
I didn’t want to receive it but you sent it to me urgent

Now it’s undeniable I have to pull a take away and I don’t wanna take my love away
I want to give it to you, you ooh

Only you, I deserve better.

I prided myself
I’m proud of myself
Flight of the Honey B

We were so damn cute together,
I could see our future
Whether it was real or not,
I could see something you could not

I knew it was risky
putting my self on the table
But I chose to love like I’d never been hurt
It didn’t work

I’ve been hurt so many times, you’d think it would get easier
But everytime I let myself it hurts worse than the first

I go through these periods of not trusting another not letting anyone under
My skin somehow I gave in to you

You you only you
I deserve better, I’m proud of myself
So proud of myself
Flight of the Honey B
Track Name: 3. Just Rise Again - Power Interlude
Allow yourself to be powerful
Dont fight the ebb and flow.
Embrace your inner strength.
Rise up with we.
You can be anything you say.
Right through your obstacles. And on the other side, you will just rise.
Track Name: 4. Gimme a Minute
I’m spinnin around
Which way is up I’m bout to hit the floor
What’s movin me now
I feel the beat but I cant’ hear no more

When my heart starts beatin and I can’t
Control there’s no air I can’t breathe
I need more and more
Like I’m drowning sinking deeper over thinking im not sure

Feels like it’s coming down on me
Feels like it’s coming down on me
Gimme a minute
I need a second to breathe
Gimme a minute
I need a second to breathe

I’m losin it now
So many walls give me an open door
But if I get out
I can’t go back to where i was before.
Track Name: 5. Spontaneous
Say pretty baby whered you get that smile
Ain’t been attracted like this in awhile
Yeah my thoughts are runnin dirty
Now I’m blushin but I’m flirty
got me thinking you the one yeah you might be
No ring on your finger no wifey
I don’t know what it is about you
There’s something that you do that do a little something to me
I’m feelin sexy might let you undress me
I know that we just met
I can’t fight it let’s just be

Spontaneous, spontaneous baby lets be spontaneous
cause What if this is really love?
Lets be spontaneous, spontaneous baby lets be spontaneous
Cause what if this is really, what if this is really love

I usually wouldn’t do this (do this)
Not my style
But I know I can make this worth your while
Baby with the lights on
Watch my body it’ll turn you on
We could do what we want we both grown
Whatcha waitin for cmon
Track Name: 6.Grain Of Salt
come into my world man
gimme your hand
betcha never been into a candy land
everywhere you turn sugah in your ear
it’s a delicious sample of thee atmosphere
sprinkle a guitar, with ya yummy wah
then pour it on heavy gimme bass guitar
little bits of music sounds so sweet
need to take it with a grain of salt

da-di’s to the pavement
head in the clouds
it’s another day for us to float around
now you in a world where
birds n bees are not only creatures but philosophy
give it to your partner hard n strong
send love packages accross a song
this communication so damn sweet
take it with a grain of salt
Cause nothing matters, and it don’t matter
That Nothing matters, it sho don’t matter
Said nothing matters, and don’t matter
That it don’t matter, it sho don’t matter
Just ride or die de die
I remember when I used to wear like all the other girls
Wishing it wouldn’t curl
Hop scotch and patty cake n hot potatoes
Kept us seriously busy with important business
Now it’s serious we got grown n got bills n mortgages
Gotta patty cake safely
The only way we gone live
Is if we take it with a grain of salt.
Track Name: 7. Hold You for Life
Oh, Something so beautiful wanna hold it for life
Oh, something so round n full wanna hold it so tight
Oh, such an exquisite specimen wanna hold it so right
I hold on, n I won’t let it go ‘til it stops feeling right
Des douce douce forme, et des fesses comme un fruit
Bouge ton badunk baby toute la nuit
De Copenhague a New York City
Ils ne parles que de Honey
Ils ne parles que de Honey

Oh I never knew that you had a body so round
And now that I’ve finally found
The truth about you I see that we’ve started anew

OH baby si j'avais su, si seulement tu m'avais prévenue
On aurai Bien prendre le dessus
Et toi et moi on aurai plus

What a fun day I had today
Enchanté de te rencontrer
It’s so nice to meet ya
Tu se sais c'est toi et moi bebe

Le soleil veint de se lever
Ils ne parle que de Honey
Toi même tu sait comment on fait
Long side Wafande eh

Gimme the mix
Ay you’re the king, you’re the one
Ain’t but one nah baby now
Ay you’re the king, ain’t but one
You’re the one now baby now
I just wanna let you be the ruler
And if you’re just a prince let me school yah
Can’t nobody do what I do
Let me put my peach on you

What a fun day I had today
Enchente de te rencontre
It’s so nice to meet ya
Tu se sais toi et moi bebe
Track Name: 8. It’s a Go
Baby you look so fly
I see it in your eyes
Sweetie its down to ride
Baby its no surprise
No honey don’t tell no lies
If you feeling me baby I’ll take you high
High enough we can touch the sky too
Know you want I’ll give it to you right
Just say the word I’ll make it nice
Fix it up for you keep it tight
It’s a go baby are you ready to go
Its been such a long time comin
Been building up to this moment
Since day 1 I met you
Been wanting to get up on it
But something was always in the way
Thought we wasn’t meant to be
You gotta fire in your eyes keeping me alive
Burnin through me I can feel it on my insides
Ain’t nothing getting in the way of me n you tonight
For miles we getting nothing but green lights oh oh it’s a go
Track Name: 9. Sugar Daddy
When I imagine my life
Without my daddy in it
It makes me want to cry
Even for just one minute
He brings my thunder brings my pain
Buys me all the lavish thangs
That I desire he’s my flame and my fire

Pour a little sugar in my cup Daddy
In fact just fill it all up daddy
I can take anything you throw at me
I want you to be my sugar daddy

I need some sugar so sweet
So pour it all over me
I need, a sweet sweet daddy
Won’t you be my daddy please
I need some love in my life
I won’t think twice
I need I need a sugar daddy

When I look into his eyes
I can see my future
Anything his heart desires
I think I would do uh
Cause he is the lover of my life
I see myself as his wife
I think it would be be so nice

Protect me from a world so cold daddy
I need shelter a hand to hold daddy
I’ll cook you up a lil something gladly
I want you to be my sugar daddy


I love my daddy
just wanna make him happy
He gives me sugar, I take it from him gladly
He keeps me fresh, I like to stay fresh
So don’t you get fresh with me

Oooh You aint not my daddy
It ain that type of party
Try to get at me, but it’s gonna be hard see
He keeps me fresh I like to stay fresh
He’s more than you could ever be

Sugar you been on my mind
I wanna give you all my time
Hold my hand when you walk me down the street
So everyone we’ll meet will know
You’re my sugar daddy
Take care of all of me
Consider all my needs
Track Name: 10. Super Dope Interlude
My sh!t is ferocious
Track Name: 11.Keep My Cool
Oh I wanna be your friend too
But I can’t let you know gotta keep my cool
Ooh just wanna break the rules
But I can’t let him know I gotta keep my cool

He had a walk as cold as ice
A style so mean, he looked so nice
I’m tryin not to stare, he grabs my eyes
As he starts to come over
He says “I see you looking
You keep me always wanting more
And that’s just how I roll, Had to let you know
I wanna be friends wit cha”


He took my hand, I hid my smile
I knew that on the floor he’d recognize
Ain’t playin with no lamb, he’d found a lion
And I’m ready to purr babe
I see him lookin
He’ keeps me always wanting more
And that’s just how I roll, But I just can’t let cha know
I wanna be friends wit cha
Track Name: 12. LaLaLove
I’ve been loved (loved) a couple times before
Some gave me too much and some I want some more
I’ve hung around (round)swingin tree to tree
But not too many branches got the strenth for me
I’ve fallen hard (booom)
Landin deep in the woods
I’ve been preyed on like I’m in the “Jungle Book”
Too many snakes, with no limbs no legs
You can’t keep ahold of them even if you beg
But that’s love (Love love love love love)

If it don’t make you cry
It’ll sweeten your pie
And add a spoonful of sugar to the rest of your life
So sweet, you’ll be down on your knees
Suddenly sufferin from diabetes
You’ll spit it out, it’s too sweet too pure
The kind no amount of insulin can cure
But that’s love (love love love love)

What is the meaning of love?
Love love love love looove
If it makes you get GHETTO
If it makes you crazy?
Blind to the painfully easy to see truth
You’ll miss your cue to exit through
Door number two and look for a love that’s true
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ohh