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what if we took our time getting to know each other?
feel so free. get so high pulling the trigger. 

get to know me. you know i’m not your ordinary girl. 
why you gotta be so sweet? gangster. gangster at the same time. 
you just had to be the man. you had to go off blasting. 
if you really knew me you’d be running, running, running away. 
but you can’t resist my flash bang boom. 
i know you really wanna cock back point that squeeze.
experience the power inside of me. 
i can be your best friend. your sharpest weapon. 
your prized posession. borderline obsession. 
i’ll be no a man to protect you. but we were toxic for each other. 
once you got a hold of me  you became your own worst enemy. 
the kind ya need to runaway, runaway from.

what if we really tried getting to know each other? 
feel so free. get so high pulling the trigger.
do some damage. how did we do that? 
we didn’t need to do so much damage.
ya really didn’t know my strength. i really didn’t know your intentions.
i shoulda never let you have it. i shoulda told ya not to grab it. 
at least i shoulda kept my safety on. 
cause if i can’t make you see. i
would surely make you make somebody bleed 
and if i catch you on a good day. we could rule the world. 
and if i catch you on the wrong day. we could fool them all. 
laugh until we fall.
if you cock it back pull the trigger let it blast how ya figure 
i’mma stand still. i’mma stand still. 
if we cock it back pull the trigger let it blast how ya figure 
i’mma stand still. runaway, runaway now. 

what if we went too fast getting to know each other? 
shooting stars never last flying away. get to know me.


from Hijack, released November 10, 2015
(S. Mitchell/M. Larochelle)
Lyrics and Melody by Honey Larochelle
Music By Stephen Mitchell
Produced, Arranged and Engineered by Primal Luxe
Recorded at Coringa House (Los Angeles, CA)
Honey Larochelle­ - Vocals
Stephen (Cha Chi) Mitchell­synth and programming
Brian Bender­ synth and programming
Mixed by Brian Bender at The Motherbrain, West (Los Angeles, CA)
Mastered by Veit Renn at Renn Music Studios




Honey Larochelle Los Angeles, California

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